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“What is my NOC code?” The Right NOC Code Canada Needs For Express Entry


The NOC is a very important part of your Express Entry application. And, there are many questions surrounding the right NOC code. Wait! Don’t choose just anyone.

Don’t waste your time asking “What is my NOC code?”

The first thing to remember is that the NOC code for Express Entry is going to serve a specific purpose. It has to:

  • accurately describe your work;
  • be provable.;
  • earn you the work experience points you deserve; and
  • help you file the most effective application you can.

How do you do that? Read on below to understand how you should go about choosing your NOC code.

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NOC: What is it The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system is used in Canada to identify the kind of work an individual is performing.

Does the NOC code affect my CRS score?

The NOC code Canada needs for Express Entry can affect your CRS score directly and indirectly.

NOC serves two major purposes. First, it identifies what it is you do for work; such as if you are a cook, a lawyer, an accountant or a project manager.

Second, the NOC code Canada asks for Express Entry determines your work experience (and that is very important for your PR application).

CIC breaks down NOC codes into two types:

Skilled – 0, A and B

Others – C and D

Skilled NOC types can claim CRS points for their work experience, while others cannot.

Example: Consider you have 10 years of experience, five as Type A and five as Type C. In this situation, only your experience under Type A will be counted for your CRS score.

Moreover, higher skilled categories can attain higher CRS points in total. For instance, the CIC states: “Candidates who are not provincial nominees can get a maximum 875 points if they are senior executives (primary occupation NOC 00), or a maximum 725 points in all other cases.”

It is why NOC choice can make a big difference to your Permanent Resident candidacy. And why you should rely on an express entry lawyer for your application. We will find the right category for you in the latest NOC list 2019 has for you.

Plug in the different NOCs applicable to you into the CRS calculator to see if it changes your score.

Choosing the right NOC code can increase your CRS score and improve the chances of an invitation

Practical advice, quick response, useful information!

What is my NOC code supposed to align with: duties, designation or education?

The NOC Code Canada needs for Express Entry is the one that matches your work most closely. Unless you have very little or no experience, your education will not determine your NOC code.

Find the NOC that suits your duties and designation best of all. Remember, you have to be able to prove your NOC with letters from employers. Keep it simple. Don’t be fanciful.

What if I have multiple NOC codes that fit?

It is common to find that more than one NOC code can fit your situation. In such a situation, you should consider a few factors.

  • Skill level – Choose the one that gets you a “Skilled” job NOC classification.
  • Occupation demand – Find what level of skill is most in-demand for your field in Canada.
  • Career progression – The NOC code you select should reflect how your experience and seniority has grown.

As an experienced express entry lawyer we will help you find the right NOC code based on your duties, expectations and in-demand occupations in Canada.

Does my NOC code slow my application

There has been no indication from the CIC that suggests that some NOC codes are preferred over others. However, it would be advisable to see if your NOC category relates to an in-demand occupation.

Checking recent Express Entry Draws and what your CRS score is on the CRS calculator is a good way to find the right answer. It will help you narrow down the different NOC codes are applicable for you.

Stop wondering ‘what is my NOC code?’. The Visa Immigration Law Firm is just a phone call away. As a trusted express entry lawyer, we can answer your NOC code queries. Call now to book a consultation with our team. Our Toronto immigration lawyer will guide you correctly through your PR application.