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Unlocking Opportunities: All You Need to Know About Post-Graduation Work Permits


International students give Canada an annual contribution of more than CA$ 22.3 billion. Over 500,000 students visit Canada annually to study and improve their lives. But what happens when they graduate? If you are in a similar boat, i.e., considering taking the route of international education in Canada or already studying in Canada and intend to work post your studies, this is the blog you should read.

What Is The Post-Graduation Work Visa?

The Post-Graduation Work Visa is a type of work permit issued by the Canadian government to international students who have completed their studies at a designated learning institution in Canada.

The Secret to Flexibility Is Open Work Permits

One of the primary advantages of the post-graduation work visa is that it is one of the “open work permits.” It has advantages over employer-exclusive employment permits. You can work in any industry in Canada with an open work visa. You can research multiple work opportunities that match your hobbies and skills with more independence.

Qualifications for a Post-Graduation Work Visa

A post-graduation employment permit is only granted to those who meet certain requirements. Let’s examine the essential conditions in more detail:

  1. Completion of a Designated Program Successfully
    You must have finished a full-time program at a recognized educational institution in Canada to qualify for a PGWP. Universities, colleges, and specific vocational schools are some of these establishments. To qualify, ensure your institution is included in the list of recognized learning institutions.
  2. Program Length
    To be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada, the length of your study program should be at least eight months. This means that you must have completed a full-time program at a designated learning institution in Canada, which should be a minimum of eight months in duration, leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  3. Authentic Study Permit
    You must have had your study permit valid the entire time you were enrolled in classes in Canada.
  4. Timing For Applications
    After receiving formal notification that your program has been effectively completed, you have 180 days (approximately six months) to submit your application.

Important Questions Regarding The Post-Graduation Work Visa

How Long Is A Post Graduation Work Visa Good For?

The duration of the successfully finished study program by the student decides whether or not a post-graduation employment permit is valid. Its maximum validity term is three years.

Can I Submit More Than One Post-Graduation Work Visa Application?

No, you can only apply once in your entire life for a post-graduation work visa. Making the most of this opportunity and planning your career appropriately are essential.

Can I Apply for Permanent Residence Using My Post-Graduation Work Visa?

Yes, Canadian work experience earned through a post-graduation work permit can be helpful for immigration considerations. This may increase your chances of becoming eligible for permanent residency through the Express Entry system or other provincial immigration schemes.

Can I Leave Canada And Then Come Back After Getting A Work Permit?

Yes, but make sure that your permit and other immigration paperwork are still valid before leaving and returning.

Is It Possible To Extend My Post-Graduation Work Permit?

Normally, the post-graduation work visa cannot be extended. Your employment and immigration strategy must be properly planned in order to maximize the work permit time.

Can My Spouse Or Common-Law Partner Work In Canada With My Post-Graduation Work Visa?

Your spouse or common-law partner may be eligible to work in Canada while you hold a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner Open Work Permit program, your partner can apply for an open work permit, which allows them to work for any Canadian employer for the same duration as your PGWP.

How Much Does a Post-Graduation Work Visa Cost?

You must also pay the $100 for the “Open Work Permit Holder” charge in addition to the $155 required for a post-graduation work permit, so you will have to pay $255.


Canada’s post-graduate work visa program provides exceptional chances for overseas students to launch their careers after graduation. Recent graduates can obtain useful work experience and investigate a variety of job prospects around the nation with an open work permit.

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