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About Students Visa in Canada

Thousands of students come from around the world to study in Canada. The education system is of a very high standard – for all levels of study. Whether it is at school level, as an undergraduate, postgraduate or for advanced programs, Canadian universities have a lot to offer.

Most international students will require a student visa to study in Canada for a course that is longer than six months. 

Therefore, you must show that:

  • You have been accepted by an approved Canadian institution; and
  • You have sufficient funds to pay for your education and living expenses.

Students Visa Eligibility

We will help you obtain the documents you require to apply for a student visa. With our student visa checklist you will be able to get the right documents in the first go, instead of wasting time and money on irrelevant documents. 

Canada visa officials have strict application requirements and any mistakes will mean delays in your visa or rejection of your application. 

To avoid missing the start of your term, get in touch with us immediately. Canada student visa processing times can get much longer the closer you get towards term start times. Speak to us now to start your application in time.

Study Permit

Study permits are provided by Designated Learning Institutions to you once they have accepted you in their learning program. If you have received a study permit it does not mean you can enter Canada. You still need to apply for a Canada student visa for yourself.

Students Visa Benefits

Visa Immigration Lawyer has an exceptional track record of helping students come to Canada. Why choose a Canada immigration lawyer? Because unlike immigration ‘experts’ outside Canada, we know the best ways of getting your application approved. Get in touch with us today.


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