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Relocating to Canada: The Basics of the Express Entry Program


There are various methods and processes to follow when trying to immigrate to Canada, each tailored for different needs and possibilities. If you are a skilled worker and you’re thinking about relocating to Canada, then you should mention to the Toronto immigration lawyer that you are interested in the Express Entry program. Why? Simply because this particular system might be just the right one for you, as it facilitates the candidates’ integration in the Canadian economy.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

The first step involved before assessing your eligibility is the amount of work experience you have on your Canadian work permit. You need a minimum of 1-year experience before even considering immigration. Your Toronto immigration lawyer should bring to your attention the fact that the Express Entry program includes 3 different programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class. While each of these programs presents different requirements, you are eligible for the Express Entry system if you can fit in one of the following categories: managerial positions, professional positions and skilled jobs or technical positions. But besides proving that you are skilled in a specific area, this program requests you to demonstrate your language skills with a test from an IRCC-approved agency.

What Does the Process Entail?

After your initial application, you will be basically placed in a pool together with other candidates that meet the same criteria. Soon after, you will receive a ranking based on your language skills and work experience – and if you are selected as one of the top candidates, then you will be invited to apply for a permanent residence.

Do I Need to Hire a Toronto Immigration Lawyer?

Not necessarily. There is no actual need to opt for the services of a lawyer in order to be eligible for the program – however if you feel that you need extra guidance when it comes to handling the forms and the strenuous application process, you might consider opting for a specialist in order to maximize your chances and obtain the fastest results.

If you however feel that you are having trouble understanding the intricacies involved, then you can call Ronen Kurzfeld immigration lawyer to book your appointment for an immigration consultation