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Moving to Canada -The Canadian Experience Class


Moving to Canada is a dream to many, but without the right information, an actual possibility to a selected few – and while some may start the relocating process with visiting a reputable Toronto immigration lawyer like Ronen Kurzfeld right away, others start by researching the options offered by the Canadian Experience Class. Also known as the CEC, the Canadian Experience Class gives individuals the opportunity to hold permanent Canadian residence with the condition that they have work experience on the Canadian territory. After getting your permanent residency status, you can easily apply for your Canadian citizenship immigration service to get hold of the Canadian passport.

As any Toronto immigration lawyer would agree, the CEC is a real chance for those who can prove that they have held a legal, full-time position with the duration of at least 1 year in Canada. At the same time, you, as a candidate, must have worked no less than 30 hours per week in the last year. In addition to the work experience requirements, the candidate must also meet proficiency levels when it comes to their language skills, be it English or French and they must be willing to live outside of Quebec.

Before applying for the CEC, a Toronto immigration lawyer should provide you with the list of all skills and professions that are viable for the program, since not all work experiences are eligible. As of recently, many positions within the food industry, accounting and administrative domains have been dropped as a result of over representation. If you are interested in applying for a CEC based on your part-time or full-time work experience you gained during your years as a student at a post-secondary Canadian institution, then you should know that you can only count the work experience that you accumulated after you graduated – and not the one during your schooling years.

If you are still unsure whether you qualify or not for the Canadian Experience Class, it is advisable to opt for the services for Ronen Kurzfeld immigration lawyer in order to get the answers to all your questions and clarify your concerns. Check your eligibility on the website.