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Hiring An Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill

Experienced Immigration Lawyer Richmond Hill

  • Nearly 20 years of immigration experience of all types
  • Over 3000 people helped settle in Canada
  • More than 1000 spouses and families reunited
  • Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill with Good Standing with LSO

Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer Richmond Hill

Thousands of people have established peaceful and prosperous lives in Richmond Hill with our help. As one of the most respected immigration lawyers Richmond Hill people look to us for all types of immigration results – from successful applications to defeating removal orders and stopping deportations.

Visa Immigration Lawyer is the leading immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill. We have helped thousands of people come to Canada. It is a matter of pride that so many of them have returned to us to help bring their spouses and families to Canada.

We are full service immigration lawyers in Richmond Hill. We help students, professionals, business owners and more come to Canada. We don’t see ourselves as your immigration agent – we feel personally invested as partners who want to help you achieve your dreams.

Ours is a practice trusted for its results as also its transparent approach to fees. We will never make false and exorbitant claims, nor will be surprise you with hidden fees.

With Visa Immigration Lawyer you are informed, invested and involved in your visa application

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Save time and money in your Canada immigration visa with the help of a trusted Richmond Hill immigration lawyer. We’ll make sure you file the perfect application.

Choosing the Right Immigration Visa for Canada

What you want to do in Canada will determine what Canada visa is right for you. Whether you want to study, work or just join your family already in Canada, there are many options available. Moreover, your age, experience and qualifications will make a difference too. When you speak to an expert at Visa Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill, we will make all of this seem easy. Don’t waste your time and money pursuing the Canada visa. Speak to an immigration lawyer Richmond Hill instead:

  • Express Entry
  • Federal Skilled Worker or Trades
  • Business immigration
  • Work Permit
  • Student Visa
  • Spouse and Family Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Preparing Your Visa Application

With our help you will have to make the minimum effort for a Canada visa. As one of the best immigration lawyers in Richmond Hill we will ensure you don’t have to procure any more documentation than is necessary. We will make sure your application does not get delayed or rejected due to the wrong paperwork being presented – or in the wrong way.

Speak to immigration lawyers Richmond Hill to get a checklist of documents you need. Some documents that are required for most applications:

  • Passport
  • Qualifications
  • Proof of work experience or business
  • Proof of funds
  • Translations into English

Our team works with people from around the world. We are well-versed in the unique police verification processes of countries around the world. Our visa professionals have specialist knowledge on your country’s procedures and we will guide you very effectively.

If you need to sit for an interview, we will prepare you for that too. That’s why it is so important to start an application under the guidance of our immigration lawyer Richmond Hill.

  • Pre-filing preparation
  • Preparing the Letter of Explanation
  • Filing the visa application
  • Preparing you for interview
  • Continuous application status check
  • Getting passport with visa delivered to you fast
  • Preparing you for arrival in Canada

Personalized Attention

As the leading Visa Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill we know every visa application is different because no two lives are the same. We carefully and thoroughly understand your requirements and your unique circumstances before advising you on what is the right visa for you.

At Visa Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill we take the time to speak to you.

If you have questions or unsure about what program is right for you, we will give you clarity. We will explain your options clearly and patiently. Unlike so many other immigration offices, we actually listen to your concerns. Our team will make sure you are informed and involved in your application process. After all, it is a big life step you are taking.

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We are a Richmond Hill immigration lawyer, with our head office in Toronto. We can be easily reached from anywhere in the GTA.

Not in Canada? Schedule a one-on-one Skype chat or video call with our immigration lawyers.


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