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Canadian immigration law has foreign nationals with rights to live, work or even visit Canada legally. The trained experts of ours are here to figure out what immigration course to consider, in order to make the best program to Immigration Canada. The one thing which should be made clear there are actually no guarantees in immigration, in case there’s anyone who says they ensure the immigration of yours, we encourage you to contact Immigration Canada immediately. Immigration Canada creates the last judgement on every application, they alone are the decision makers of your immigration applications, this’s the main reason that we encourage you to post completely completed application packages and as such our immigration lawyers are here to assist you in the application process of yours.

Spousal Sponsorship

In case you’re a Canadian citizen or maybe permanent resident and you’ve married a foreign national, based on the laws of Canada you’ve the best to bring the spouse of yours to Canada. Now kindly take note of the term, right. You as a Canadian citizen or maybe permanent resident have the best to bring the spouse of yours to Canada so long as you’ve a legitimate marriage and are actually deemed in a position to sponsor your spouse by immigration Canada.

Besides the sponsorship of the spouse of yours you as a permanent resident or maybe citizen of Canada have the capability to sponsor your grandparents and parents, in addition to the relatives of yours, the adopted child of yours, as well as your grandchildren or kids, however in many of those apps it’s not the right of yours to bring these family members to Canada as it’s for the loved one, you have to hook up other and financial considerations in order for the application to achieve success.

Whether you have to sponsor the loved one of yours, kids or parents our Immigration lawyers are here to direct you through the task and ensure your very best application is actually made.


Many people across the globe seek employment in foreign nations. Canada provides a myrid of choices for international works.

International Experience Class (IEC)

The IEC program is actually one strategy by which the youth of foreign nations are able to use to operate in Canada. The system has been created to give people between the ages of eighteen as well as thirty five many years of age to use for a work permit in the IEC program. You will find 3 IEC pools from what a person is able to apply:

International Co-op (Internship)
Working Holiday
Younger Professionals
It’s essential you create the profile of yours and apply quickly as the task could be rather lengthy, reach out to one of our Immigration lawyers who could assist in the development of the program of yours.

Service Location: Immigration Lawyers Toronto

Express Entry Program

Exterior of the IEC thanks to failure or age to qualify for the system foreign nationals are forced to use for a work permit to be able to have the ability to operate in Canada. The application of a work permit is actually a 3 step procedure in that you have to very first get a task in Canada. When you’ve procured a job offer, the employer should apply for and procure a Labour Market Impact Assessment. It’s very important that the foreign national realize that not all companies have the capability to employ foreign nationals, the technique by what an employer is actually found eligible to employ a foreign national is actually by procuring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Social Development Canada and employment (ESDC). When your employer has obtained the LMIA and then the foreign individual has to apply for a Work Permit.

Our immigration professionals are here to support you navigate through the many steps involved in the express entry program.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

Companies in many cases go it on your own in creating the applications of theirs to procure a different worker often times this path finishes in failure due to the failure of theirs to recognize the complexities in an LMIA application. Our staff of immigration experts have the experience to assist your organization acquire the talent they have to grow the business of theirs.


Yet another route to not merely acquiring a work permit but also acquiring permanent residence in Canada is actually from the Provincial Nominee Program. This specific system is actually provided by the different provinces and territories in Canada for people that are interested in settling in the particular province.

The procedure by which you use for being a provincial nominee is actually by very first applying to a certain system in a certain province or perhaps territory. After the province has nominated you, you then ought to use to Immigration Canada for permanent residence.

Our trained immigration professionals are here to support you decide which province or maybe territory best suits your skill set as well as offers you with the very best opportunity at success.

Student Visa

Several pupils across the globe would like to get a different degree, sometimes to further the studies of theirs or even procure a masters in the specific area of study. In case you’re a foreign national aiming to continue their post graduate studies Canada could be the spot for you. To be able to learn at an institution in Canada one should first procure a study permit. The study permit is actually a document that is going to allow you to research at a designated learning institution in Canada. Today besides the analysis permit based on the state of yours of origin you may also have to have a short-term resident visa, and in case and so this is given as part of your choose permit.

Travelling During Study

Many pupils wonder will they be allowed to go during their analysis breaks like Summer or maybe Christmas holidays. They’re afraid that in case they travel their pupil permit will lapse. In case you’re preparing to go outside of Canada during the school of yours break you are going to need to offer evidence of the enrollment of yours in your school, as well as make certain that your visa is still valid. In case you’ve evidence of both these files you need to have no problems in spending time with loved ones during your school holiday breaks.


The cost of learning in Canada is extremely costly, and numerous foreign nationals will be worried as to just how they are going to manage the day of theirs to day finances once in Canada. While you’re a full time post secondary pupil and you’ve a legitimate study permit and have received your social insurance amount you’re allowed to focus on your school campus without the desire to get a work permit.

In several instances pupils are usually permitted to work off campus without a work permit, nonetheless, you have to meet specific considerations like you should have a legitimate study permit, be enrolled as a full time pupil at a designated post secondary school in a designated academic program, now be studying, with a research permit with an ailment is printed on it that enables you to focus on or perhaps off campus along with different factors.

Spouse of Pupil with Valid Study Permit

A spouse of a pupil permit holder who’s a full time a pupil at a post secondary school with a legitimate study permit could apply for an open work permit.

Our trained immigration lawyers are here to help you in most of your study permit must have.

Citizenship Application

When you’ve become a permanent resident both you and your family have the capability to use to be people of Canada and eventually procure a Canadian passport. The crucial facets of the citizenship application process is the requirement of yours to meet specific residency and linguistic minimums. Our trained immigration lawyers are here to help you in making your citizenship application.


A refugee is actually an individual that has fled the country of theirs and is actually a temporarily in a second state. While in the next state the refugee is able to use there or perhaps in a third state to be described as a refugee. You will find 2 techniques by that you are able to apply for refugee status.

Exterior Canada

To come to Canada as a refugee from outside Canada both you and your family have to be referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) via a designated referral organization, or maybe a private sponsorship team has the capability to refer you. What many applicants get wrong is there thought process that they are able to be applied straight as a refugee and that isn’t the case.

Inside Canada

In case you’re currently inside Canada and you think that in case you returned to the home nation of yours you will experience the danger of torture, a threat for you of the families life of yours, or maybe a threat of unusual and cruel punishment, you’ve the capability to seek refugee status in Canada.

Wherever you’re in the world our Immigration Lawyers are here to encourage and discover what the best course of yours of action is actually.


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