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Experienced Immigration Lawyers in Brampton

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What Makes Us Special

  • 18+ years of immigration experience 
  • More than 1000 people helped settle in Canada
  • Hundreds of spouses and families reunited
  • Very Professional Lawyer Registered with Law Society of Ontario

Brampton Immigration Lawyers That Devotes Personal Attention

Every immigration visa application is different. And you need immigration lawyers Brampton who will give you the individual attention your application needs. Unless your needs are understood, how can your requirements be met?

Transparent Fees, No Hidden Fees

Our goal is to get you results – and get them affordably. Our rates are very reasonable and with our services you will get bang for your buck. We are also very clear about this: complete transparency about charges and no hidden fees.

Benefits of Hiring one of the Best Immigration Lawyers in Brampton

Why You Should Come To Brampton

Brampton has become the hub for a global community that wants to settle in Canada. Part of the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton offers all the benefits of metropolitan life with none of its drawbacks. There are plenty of jobs (especially if you are into software development, IT or internet-based services). And the standard of living is very high – with spacious homes and plenty of greenery around. In fact, Brampton is the gateway to both the financial hub of Toronto and Ontario’s industrial and tourism heartlands.

Get in touch with trusted immigration lawyers Brampton to find the best way – and best time – to file your immigration application.

Choosing the Right Immigration Visa for Canada

What the right immigration visa is for you depends on your circumstances. What your age is, how many years of work experience you have, and what you want to do in the future will all affect your choice of program. Talk to an immigration lawyer Brampton to understand what the right immigration option for you is. 

  • Express Entry
  • Federal Skilled Worker or Trades
  • Work Permit
  • Student Visa
  • Spouse and Family Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Preparing Your Visa Application

Immigration visa applications have strict requirements. Your paperwork and application must be faultless. Any mistakes can mean longer processing or, worse, rejection. There are many documents you will need to submit with your visa application. These can be proof of funds, work experience, educational qualifications and showing why you should be granted a visa. You may also need official document translations. Some applicants also have to sit for an interview.

That’s why you should start your application under the guidance of immigration lawyers Brampton. We will make sure your application is strong and shows you as a desirable candidate. 

  • Pre-filing preparation
  • Preparing the Letter of Explanation 
  • Filing the visa application
  • Preparing you for interview
  • Continuous application status check
  • Getting passport with visa delivered to you fast
  • Preparing you for arrival in Canada


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