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Are You Thinking Of Immigrating to Barrie, Ontario, Canada? Our Barrie Immigration Lawyers can Help.

Have you been searching for a Barrie immigration lawyer people who knows Canadian immigration issues? Visa Immigration Lawyer has years of immigration expertise and will provide you local representation while serving you know the key information of the situation of yours. We realize that you might be feeling bogged down by the immigration process, and we will do everything possible to ease several of the burdens of yours.

When you schedule with us, you will be working with a law firm that wishes to maintain the rights of yours. Virtually every situation we take on receives personal and thorough interest. We likewise offer:

  • 5 minute Consultation with an attorney
  • Flexible appointment schedules
  • A welcoming home office environment
  • Business immigration assistance

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Why Immigrate to Barrie, ON?

Barrie is actually a city in Central Ontario, Canada, on the western shore of Lake Simcoe. Though centrally located in Simcoe County, the city is politically independent. Barrie is actually within the northern portion of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, a heavily populated and industrialized region of Ontario. In 2011 census, the city’s population was initially described as 135,711, making it the 34th largest in Canada. The city’s 2011 population was subsequently revised to 136,063. The Barrie metropolitan area has a population of 187,013 residents, making it the 21st largest, as well as only one of probably the fastest growing census metropolitan areas in the nation.

Over the following year, the Simcoe county will be dealing with different stakeholders – like employers, school boards, boards of trade, various levels of government, professional associations, ethno-cultural and the community and faith-based companies and community services sectors – to produce a three year settlement program for the county.

“Communities that embrace newcomers will gain from an enhanced work force, economic growth opportunities as well as an enhanced tax base.”
-Sandra Lee, project manager of the Simcoe county’s nearby immigration partnership

This will make a great Opportunity to Migrate to Barrie Those interested in immigrating to Barrie, Ontario are actually in the ideal job. As Barrie’s population expands at a significant speed, it remains a good spot to work; the economy is actually flourishing with many employment opportunities in a broad range of sectors from manufacturing to high tech industries. Additionally, Barrie’s skilled employees and strategic location, and the region’s economy that is tough, make it a good spot to commit. With Simcoe County’s population expected to balloon to 667,000 by 2031, Barrie is actually a great immigration destination in Ontario.

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