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About Immigration Appeals

Canada immigration officials may refuse your visa application for any number of reasons. Receiving a letter saying ‘Canada Visa Refused’ can be disheartening for anyone. If you get this after sponsoring a family member, the disappointment can be even greater.

If you have had to face this dreaded reality, get in touch with the Visa Immigration Lawyers immediately. We are experienced immigration lawyers and will give you mature advice about how to proceed.

Why is a Canada Visa Rejected?

A visa or immigration application can be rejected for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Failure to prove eligibility for visa
  • Change in circumstance
  • Wrong or mistaken documents
  • Officials not satisfied with your application
  • Medical reasons

Appeals from visa and immigration applications typically go to the Immigration Appeal Division.

Different Types of Immigration Appeals

There are several kinds of immigration appeals that you have recourse to, depending on the specific immigration visa you have applied for.

  • Detention reviews
  • Admissibility hearings
  • Sponsorship hearings
  • Deportation hearings
  • Federal court appeals

Planning and preparing for an immigration appeal takes a lot of time and resources. Appeals will usually involve complex legal issues. Make sure you have a registered immigration lawyer representing you.

As an experienced immigration appeals lawyer, we have helped many clients with their immigration appeals.

Immigration Appeals Lawyer with Good Standing

Ronen Kurzfeld is a lawyer registered with the Law Society of Ontario. This means he can represent your immigration appeal before all courts. This is a big difference compared to many other ‘immigration experts’ who will disappear the moment your immigration visa is refused. 

If you have received a decision saying your immigration or visa application has been refused, get in touch with us immediately. There is a time limit within which immigration appeals can be filed. Therefore, it is essential that you discuss your matter with an immigration appeals lawyer at the earliest.


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