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About Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds are a way in which people who are not otherwise eligible can apply for permanent residence.

Canada immigration officials will need to be shown exceptional circumstances before they allow this type of application. They will look at:

  • How settled the person is in Canada – time spent in Canada, whether working in Canada 
  • What family ties they have in Canada – family members in Canada and their status
  • Best interests of any children involved – impact on children who will be affected by removal
  • What could happen if the application was not granted – other compelling factors

Therefore, the application process under humanitarian and compassionate grounds is very subjective. There is no exact right answer or set of documents you can file. Each case is unique and each case requires its own preparation.

Officials will particularly look at public policy and impact on children before making their decision.

The Visa Immigration Lawyers can help you prepare your application correctly. We will make sure that your circumstances are properly conveyed to immigration officials. Of course, with such a process there can be no guarantees, but with our help you can maximize your chances.

Why Choose Us To Represent You For Humantarian & Compassionate Grounds Application?

It is important you choose a trusted Canada immigration lawyer. A lawyer with good standing with immigration officials can make a big difference. Moreover, a lawyer in Canada will know the prevailing situation in immigration and will be able to give you practical and accurate advice. An immigration consultant outside Canada may make false claims and promises.

Have You Received a Removal Order?

If you receive an order to leave Canada, you may be able to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Note that you can be asked to leave while your application or appeal is still pending. Thus, the application to try and stop your removal from Canada is very time-sensitive, as you can be asked to leave before the application is granted. 

Contact us immediately to appeal your Removal Order.


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