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How to Sponsor and Bring Your Family to Canada


You might be in a position to sponsor your family members that are outside Canada to come and live right here as permanent residents in case you are:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • a permanent resident, or even registered as an Indian under the Indian Act
  • You have to also be eighteen years or even older.

You are going to have to spend the necessary expenses. And generally there are actually “income guidelines” which say exactly how much money a sponsor should earn. Nevertheless, in many instances, the recommendations don’t use in case you’re sponsoring a spouse, partner, and kid.

You have to also meet some other conditions as well as give all of the info that the sponsorship application asks for. Some settlement agencies as well as legal clinics may have the ability to support you with that.

Who am I allowed to Sponsor?

You are able to sponsor the spouse of yours. This’s the individual you’re legally married to. The spouse of yours could be the exact same sex as you or maybe the complete opposite sex.

In instances that are numerous , you are able to sponsor the partner of yours. This’s an individual you’ve a “marriage like relationship” with. Put simply, the 2 of you’re like a married couple. The partner of yours could be the exact same sex as you or maybe the complete opposite sex. You will find a variety of methods to show that a connection is marriage like. Obtain legal advice.

You might be in a position to sponsor your grandparents and parents but just a small amount of individuals are able to use every year. Grandparents and parents also can use for a great Visa to come to Canada as visitors. The Super Visa is great for up to ten years. It allows parents and grandparents stay for up to two years every visit.

You are able to sponsor the kids of yours that are under twenty two years old in case they’re not married or even coping with a partner. In case they’re twenty two years or maybe more mature, you are able to sponsor them in case they’re unable to help themselves financially due to a mental or physical problem. Though you are able to do it just in case you’ve supported them since before age twenty two.

Receive legal advice in case your kids don’t meet up with these circumstances, or maybe in case you wish to sponsor another person or perhaps somebody who’s currently in Canada. Moreover , get legal advice in case you don’t generate as cash that is much as the revenue guidelines point out you need to.

In case you’ve child, partner, or a spouse at the point you come to be a permanent resident, you have to tell immigration authorities. In the event you don’t, you can’t sponsor them later unless you qualify for an exception to the rules. You might like to have difficulties with your own personal condition in Canada. Obtain legal advice.

What happens to the family members that I sponsor and arrive in Canada?

For few years after they arrive, you need to support them by making certain they’ve items such as for instance food, clothes, or housing, or maybe the cash to spend on these issues.

As a sponsor, you have to support your grandparents or parents for twenty years. For a spouse or perhaps partner it’s three yrs. For kids it’s between three and ten years, based on the era of the child of yours. Under Canadian family law, after a sponsorship finishes, you might still be accountable for financial support.

What if I don’t support the family members that I sponsored?

They may possibly apply for cash from Ontario Works or perhaps for Ontario disability benefits. In case they get this cash during the years you’re claimed to help them as a sponsor, the federal government is able to have the cash back from you. You won’t have the ability to sponsor anybody else in the future until you pay back the money.

What if their application gets rejected or refused?

The choice to refuse the program will be delivered to you in writing. Get legal advice instantly. You might be in a position to appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board. You’ve thirty days or weeks from the day you find the written option to file the appeal of yours.

There may also be different ways for the family members to immigrate. On these pages, we provide just general info. You have to get legal advice about your personal condition.