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About Federal Skilled Worker in Canada

Federal Skilled Worker is a program under Express Entry. Typically, people who have skilled work experience apply through this program. Competition for applying through Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker is intense. That’s why your CRS score is so important. Find out how you can maximize your CRS cut-off chances.

The program has the following minimum requirements:

  • Skilled work experience
  • Language ability
  • Education

You need to fulfill the minimum requirements before your application will be considered further. Don’t worry if you are not able to clear this. Sometimes people make mistakes in finding the right NOC code for their work experience; this can show you as ineligible incorrectly. Call us and we will be able to tell you for sure if you are eligible or not.

Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator

If you meet the minimum requirements, your application will be assessed on:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Job offer
  • English/French language skills
  • Adaptability

The Federal Skilled Worker points calculator allots a maximum of 100 points. You need to show 67 points or higher to be eligible for entry through the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Once you are deemed eligible to apply through the skilled worker class, you must fulfill many other requirements. This includes things like proof of employment, ECA assessment for your qualifications, proof of funds and medical examination. Each of these must be completed correctly and provided in the manner that CIC accepts. 

To understand more about the specifics of the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker program, get in touch with us. An experienced express entry lawyer will help you make sure that your application is filed perfectly 

Visa Immigration Lawyer has helped thousands of people come to Canada. With our guidance you too can file the right application for Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker. 

Our fees are extremely reasonable and you are sure to get bang for your buck. Contact us today and make your Canada immigration dream a reality.


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