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  1. How can I find out if a case is before the Federal Court and see its procedural history?
  2. You can search the Federal Court case index and look at individual case docket information (the "case history") on the Court's website at Court Files or by contacting your Federal Court Filings Lawyer in Toronto.
  3. How can I get a copy of a decision from the Court?
    With the help of your Federal Court Filings Lawyer, an entry is made in the online Court Files setting out a summary of each decision once it is issued. If formal reasons for the decision are also issued, they will be made available on the Court's website on the Decisions page within a few days after the decision is signed. You can also contact your local Registry Office to request a copy.
  4. How can I get a copy of a document filed in Court?
  5. The Registry makes an entry in the Court's electronic docket system each time a document is filed in Court, and you can see this docket entry online via the Court Files. To access the documents filed in Court, you must either visit your local Registry Office or call the Registry to request a copy by fax.
  6. Is the schedule of Federal Court hearings published?
    Yes, the list is available on the Hearing List page.
  7. Are hearings open to the public?
    With some exceptions, the Court's hearings are open to the public. To find out when the Court will be sitting, check the Court's list of scheduled immigration hearings under the Hearing List.
  8. I would like to participate in a pending case. Is this possible?
    Although most cases before the Federal Court are open to the public, only the parties to the case, or those who have been granted official intervener status pursuant to Rule 109 of the Federal Courts Rules, are permitted to present documents or arguments to the Court.
  9. Are Federal Court proceedings recorded?
    Federal Court hearings are not televised, though some require the attendance of a stenographer, who makes a written record of the proceedings. If a stenographer is present, this will be noted in the Court's docket entry for the file, available at Court Files. Note: transcripts, if available, must be purchased directly from the external Court reporter. Please call the Court reporter listed in the Docket entry to obtain a copy.
  10. Can I bring an electronic device to record a Federal Court hearing?
    Photography and audio/video recording in the hearing room are prohibited, except if the presiding judge gives authorization after consultation with the chief justice or his delegate. Photography and audio/video recording or transmission in the vicinity of the hearing room are prohibited, except if the presiding judge, after consultation with the chief justice or his delegate, gives authorization.
  11. I have a legal concern and need to know what to do. Can you assist me?
    Our office cannot provide legal advice but can provide some information - see Registry Services. For legal advice, you should contact a immigration lawyer, a Legal Aid Office in your area or a community legal clinic - see Finding Legal Help.


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