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Family visa and work permit requirements


When a foreign worker travels to Canada, sometime family members also accompany the person too if the stay is long. If a relative such as a partner or child plans to take a trip to Canada with a temporary international worker, then that relative must file an application him/herself. While such a family member’s application might be included in the very same submission, a different form and associated documents are required. You can always consult Canadian Immigration Law Firm if you are unsure on how to fill the family visa or work permit application.

There are a variety of temporary resident applications that could be suitable for a member of the family. If such an individual means to come as a visitor in Canada, not able to work or study after that a short-lived resident visa (i.e., site visitor) application may be enough. If the member of the family intends to work or study, then a work license or research allow application, respectively, could be needed.

If the principle foreign employee is qualified and gets a work permit for more than 6 months in a profession that is identified as high-skill (i.e., National Occupational Category 0, A, or B), after that the spouse or common-law companion of that foreign worker is eligible to get an open work permit. An open work permit means that the candidate is not required to have arranged work before applying

Another common query regarding family applications is the study permit of the child. As a general rule, yes you do require a study permit if a child is accompanying a foreign temporary worker. If the principal foreign employee is abroad at the time of his/her application and has a youngster of school age, then an application for a study permit for that child would normally need to be filed. Nevertheless, if a youngster under 20 is in Canada as well as his/her moms and dad holds a legitimate work permit, then that youngster could normally attend education without the need of a study permit. For more info regarding family visits, you can consult with Ronen Kurzfeld for a success application.