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Family Reunification: The Role of Family Visas in Immigration


Preserving family unity is an inherent human right. An application for a family reunification visa can be made by anybody who has a close relative—typically a partner—living and employed abroad. Family visas are often long-term, and depending on which family member is sponsoring you, there may be changes to the qualifying standards. 

Family reunion is an important aspect of Canadian immigration policy. Canada is deeply dedicated to family reunification, and its immigration policy reflects the values of the country and its understanding of the importance of strong family relationships. Families can be reunited on Canadian soil through the family reunification programme, often known as family sponsorship, which allows citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their relatives for immigration.

That being said, you can help family members who want to visit Canada as long as you are a citizen or permanent resident. This implies that you are able to sponsor them and assist them in the immigration application procedure. It is important to remember that the sponsor and any members of their foreign family must meet certain requirements to qualify for Canada’s family sponsorship plan.

Who Qualifies for Sponsorship?

Ultimately, the legal status granted to you and the nature of your relationship with the individual you desire to sponsor decide the outcome of when you apply for a family visa application. Citizens or permanent residents of Canada are eligible to sponsor their:

  • Spouses or common-law partners
  • Parents or grandparents
  • Dependent children

However, there are several instances in which you could be able to sponsor a member of your non-immediate family, such as a sister, niece, or uncle provided: 

  • You have officially adopted them, and they fit the description of a dependent kid or 
  • You have no other members of your immediate family who you might sponsor

Are You Eligible to Sponsor Your Family?

Your eligibility to sponsor your family members and bring them to Canada would largely depend on your fulfillment of certain criteria that include the following:

  • You must be an adult, holding the legal status of either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You have adequate financial means to provide for the people you plan to sponsor
  • You do not have a criminal record

The Importance of Family Reunification Visas

The family reunion programme is essential to creating a feeling of community among Canadians and forming the country’s social fabric. In the context of Canadian immigration, family visas offer the following main advantages:

  • Social unity: Through the preservation of familial links and cultural ties, family reunion plays a role in promoting social solidarity among Canadian communities. Due to their acceptance into a network of loved ones and relatives, the general well-being of immigrants is improved.
  • Economic Impact: The substantial contributions made by immigrant families have a positive economic impact on the country. Upon moving to Canada, family members participate in the economy of the nation by starting businesses, getting into the workforce, and developing business entities.
  • Cultural Diversity: The family reunification initiative plays a major role in promoting and maintaining Canada’s plurality of cultures. Canada’s ability to welcome visitors with their families helps it preserve its vast range of cultures, languages, and customs.
  • Forming Communities: Strong, resilient communities are facilitated by family sponsorship. The shared experiences of migration and settlement fortify communities and foster a sense of peace and understanding among residents.

New Advancements in Canada’s Family Reunification Policy

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada reported in November 2022 that the department would speed up family reunions by introducing a programme that would grant temporary resident status to spouses and children residing abroad while their applications for permanent residency were being processed.

Aiming to strengthen family-based immigration, Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, announced measures in May 2023. Among the new actions were:

  • Quicker application processing times for spouses seeking a Temporary Residence Visa
  • New and specific processing instruments for applicants seeking spousal TRV
  • A fresh open work permit for candidates in the family and spouse classes
  • Extensions of open work permit for those with permits that expire between August 1 and August 31, 2023

This initiative allows spouse candidates who have previously filed for permanent residency in Canada to have their TRV applications completed within 30 days. While awaiting the outcome of their permanent residence application, candidates can now join their Canadian partners who are already permanent residents. This is a huge decrease in processing time.

By enabling Canadians or permanent residents who have spouses and dependents living overseas to get back together with them sooner, the initiative hopes to facilitate family reunions. The spouse candidates can start establishing their life together and settling in their areas as soon as they arrive in Canada on a TRV.

It’s crucial to remember that people with a TRV cannot work or study in Canada until they receive a separate work or study visa or are given permanent residency.


The above-mentioned measures serve as evidence of the IRCC’s commitment to facilitating family reunions and ensuring a more straightforward and expedient application process for people wishing to reunite with their family members in Canada.

At Visa Immigration, we have facilitated the reunion of hundreds of families and spouses with their Canadian loved ones. Schedule a consultation with us to make the immigration process for your family go smoothly and easily. 

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