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Canadian Immigration Law: Getting Your Permanent Residency from Refugee Status


How can I find out I that I Am Eligible?

Opting for permanent residency as a refugee is definitely possible in Canada, if you meet the requested criteria. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would clarify, you must currently reside in the Canadian territory and, secondly, you must have a valid status as a protected person from the Immigration and Refugee Board or from Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Moreover, you are considered an eligible candidate only if you are not a refugee from other countries able to provide you the protection and persecution-free life you are entitled to. A life without harassment as a result of your race, religion, sexual orientation and identity and gender.

When Can I Apply for Permanent Residency?

Your Toronto immigration lawyer will let you know that, as a refugee, you have the right to apply anytime for a Canada permanent resident status service, as long as you have been notified by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)or by IRB, also known as the Immigration and Refugee Board that you hold, indeed, the protected person status. However, you cannot apply immediately for permanent residency if you are a designated foreign national, which is a status given to those who are believed or suspected to be part of terrorist groups, smuggling and human trafficking racquets or those who are under investigations for similar issues. If you are a DFN, you will be notified so in writing and you will have to wait up to 5 or 6 years in order to be apple to apply for permanent residence.

What about My Family?

Your Toronto immigration lawyer will advise you to write down the names of all the members of your family on your application if you choose to do so, including spouse, children and even your common-law partner – once you have applied, the members of your family have one year to apply themselves for a permanent residence at a visa office. To check your eligibility, please contact Toronto Immigration Lawyer at the number provided.