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How You Can Get Permanent Residence after Graduation


Canada has become the ultimate heaven for international students to pursue their education in class-leading universities. This being the case, tens of thousands of students come to the country with the help of an immigration lawyer.

After completing their education, many people prefer to stay in Canada in order to leverage their career with valuable work experience. However, a good section of candidates yearns to get a permanent residence in the country. Due to a lack of proper knowledge and guidance, they scrape the idea. As to many, this is a seemingly impossible process.

Nevertheless, anything is possible, because everything is. If you desire to stay in Canada post-education, it is pretty much feasible. With a bit of knowledge and supervision from an immigration lawyer, you can explore multiple arenas to get a permanent residence.

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Below discussed are some major ways which you should get well versed with:

Federal Immigration Program

Under the consolidated programs of the Express Entry System, the federal immigration program is a primary one. This is mainly designed for the Canadian Experience Class. Candidates who seem to have a post-graduation work permit after three years can apply under this program. Furthermore, people who already one year of Canadian work experience may also apply for the same to get a permanent residence. However, if you wish to qualify for this particular Canadian Class program, you must meet a few criteria.

They are:

  • Must be able to live outside Quebec
  • Must not continue working at the same place while being a student
  • Need to have a minimum of 12-month of full time or part-time occupation in the levels of NOC 0, A & B
  • Should have excellent skill of each language in terms of reading, writing, speaking and hearing.

Post Work Permit Program

This is another employment-driven program aimed to promote work opportunities amongst the new graduates and postgraduates. 65% of students prefer this program as it helps them to get their dream jobs in reputable organizations without many glitches. With relevant job experience, the candidates can acquire permanent residences and at times citizenship too.

Addressing the growing demand for this PWGP, the government has doubled the application period for the ones who want to extend their stay in Canada. In order to qualify for this program, one must follow these norms:

  • Study in a university of Canada for full time
  • The program must be at least of 8-month long
  • The university should be Government recognized
  • Apply within 180 days after receiving the graduation certificate
  • Must have a valid degree

Unlike the earlier days, if you opt for this program, it is not necessary to have a valid study permit at the time of application. This is indeed an added benefit. For more information on PWGP, hire an immigration lawyer.

Provincial Immigration Program

PNP or Provincial Immigration Program is another resort for international students to obtain a permanent residence in Canada. Specific programs in accordance with these aforementioned provinces are made for international students. Precisely, students who have passed from these provinces will be eligible to get a permanent job offer from employers based on the same provinces. On getting one, they will be able to apply for a PNP.

However, there is also an added benefit for the ones who live in any of the Atlantic Provinces for a minimum tenure of 16 months prior to completing the academics. So, if you reside in places such as Newfoundland or Nova Scotia, you are eligible for this exclusive Atlantic Immigration Pilot. As understood, it is also an employer-driven program for foreign workers.

Closing Thoughts

The Government of Canada with such flexibilities is helping the meritorious and hard-working students to get a better lifestyle. You can also get the same. Don’t forget to consult an immigration lawyer to help you in this process.