The Importance of DUI Defence Lawyer for DUI Cases

In any parts of the world, driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a drug is regarded as a serious offense. However, DUI law is such that in order to be found guilty, you have to be drunk or being intoxicated. Rather, the laws see to it whether a person is impaired in operating a vehicle based on the alcohol level in the blood. As the punishment against DUI charges varies from state to state, it is vital to hire a DUI defence lawyer.

Whether to hire an attorney or not is a personal discretion, but it is always better to have an experienced DUI lawyer by your side. Facing DUI charges often makes the future of the accused at stake. In order to protect one’s life from getting marked as a criminal, a DUI defence lawyer can be of great help. Even

DUI cases are very complex. It can lead to serious consequences like jail term and heavy penalty. On top of that there stands the chance of the driver’s license getting canceled.

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What A DUI Lawyer Can Do For You?

A DUI lawyer can help in minimizing the damage to the life of the client. The lawyer will considers whether the client would be facing a serious penalty or can be offered probation. In fact, DUI defence lawyer can help clients in many ways.

Represent Clients

A dui lawyer will represent clients in courts and help them in navigating through the complex court process. They will try to ensure that your right as a citizen is not violated and remains protected. The DUI lawyer will ensure that you do not suffer any form of injustice.

Better Future

If you are found to be a first time offender of DUI, your DUI defence lawyer can help you out with plea bargains. They will plead with the Crown and prosecution in order to reduce the fine or jail term. They can even get the jail term abjured in lieu of social service. They can also consider options for rehabilitation.

Deal with Probable Cause

One of the biggest problems of a DUI case is whether the arresting officer had a probable cause to pull you over. The officer will need to prove that you violated the law. If the DUI attorney finds that arresting officer did not have a probable cause they can get your case dismissed. They will also ensure the entire arrest process was done rightly, and if not, they would help in getting the case dismissed.

Prove You Innocent

If you have been charged with a DUI offense it can be very traumatizing and humiliating. Even before you are found guilty, you may face social expulsion. Thus, in order to prove your innocence, you must take the help of an experienced DUI defence lawyer. They will carry independent investigation to prove that you were not impaired before you were wrongly arrested by the officer.


Being charged with a DUI offense does not always mean the future of the accused is at stake. Having a proper representative at court can help you walk scot-free from court once your innocence is proved.

Why is Canada the preferred country by many immigrants?

Travelling the world is an exciting thing where you get to learn new cultures and meet with new people of different ethnic race and background. Settling in a new country is a whole new challenge as you have to adapt to the weather conditions and language barrier. Another big barrier when immigrating to a new country is the language factors as not all countries have English as the main language of their country. Canada is seen as one such country where millions of immigrants aspire to start a new life.

Why do immigrants love Canada?

Canada is seen as a land of opportunity by everyone around the world. With English being the main language and such a diverse population, everyone feels just like home when they come to Canada. People for all culture and nationality are present in this country making the biggest multinational country in the world.

Canada also has some of the best educational institutions in the world. Many students apply to get admissions in these prestigious college and universities to have a good successful career ahead. Studying in Canadian college and universities also give you a significant advantage on choosing a program for higher studies as all the institutions are known worldwide. Some of the institutions also have an affiliation with many other prestigious universities around the world for exchange programs.

The health care system is also one of the biggest reasons why many people love to immigrate to Canada. All Canadian residents have free health checkups and costs for most medical procedure are paid by the government. This significantly helps people who have weak immune systems.

Another major reason for so many people turning to Canada is the low crime rates. In many countries, people are fed up with all the riots and protests going on which leads to unsafe living conditions. Canada is strict with their law and order hence people are secured all the time.

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How does an immigration lawyer help?

An immigration lawyer is an integral part of the society that helps you transition from one country to another country smoothly. Toronto immigration lawyer help you understand the immigration policies and help you with required documents to successfully file your application.

Immigrating to Canada can be done though many channels such as student visa, work permits, business immigrations, refugee asylums, H&C applications, express entry, sponsorships and provincial applications. Besides the express entry application and student visa, most applications will require the assistance of immigration lawyer to be assured that the application is filed in the right way.

Filing the wrong application in the first go can jeopardize your chances and is also a loss of time and money. If you are looking to immigrate to this great country of country, consult with an immigration lawyer and see which program best suits you.

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Entering Canada through Family Class Sponsorship Programs

If you are planning to move to Canada then you might know that there have been some recent changes in the immigration laws that have thrown various challenges for the new immigrants to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Program

The Provincial and Federal governments of Canada are always improving their programs so that Canadian immigration is a success for both, Canada and the newcomers. There are various programs that can help you to immigrate to Canada. As a result, Canadian immigration program becomes unique for each and everyone. For example, the workers and professionals can qualify for a permanent resident visa under various categories like the Canadian Experience Class, Quebec and Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Quebec Experience Class, etc. Well, Canada offers Family Class Sponsorship programs as well in which Canadian citizens as well as permanent residents can sponsor their family members and their loved ones for immigrating to the country. All the applications can be successfully filed with the help of immigration lawyer for sponsorship.

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Family Class Sponsorships:

Many Canadian citizens and permanent residents want their loved ones to be in Canada. It has been seen that immigrants with family members in Canada not only do well economically but also socially. Thus, the Canadian government has made it possible under Family Class Sponsorship program. You can always consult with an immigration lawyer in Toronto to clarify the latest rules!

Relationships That Qualify For This Program

The government of Canada is devoted to keep families of permanent residents together to the extent it is possible. Hence, the relationships which certify for this sponsorship are:

  • Orphaned Close Relatives

Close relatives related by blood or adoption like brothers, sisters, nephews, etc when they meet following criteria’s:

  1. They are orphans and below 18 years of age.
  2. They do not have a common law partner, spouse, or a conjugal partner.
  • Others

Relatives of any age related by blood can be sponsored if they meet the following criteria’s:

  1. Don’t have a spouse, common law partner. Living relatives that can be sponsored are dependent children, parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc.
  2. Above mentioned relatives should not be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.


Criteria for Sponsoring

In order to sponsor a relative or any other family members, a person must:

  • Meet the laid down income guidelines.
  • Also, agree in writing to provide financial support to the relative coming with them to stay for u to 10 years. Depending on their age and how they are related to them.
  • When the applicant meets the requirements of permanent resident, sponsorship is eligible.

How Can You Enter Canada?

The application process for family-based immigration program starts with the permanent resident or citizen relative in Canada filing a petition on behalf of their relative. The application comes with an affidavit promising that the permanent resident or citizen resident will ensure of the fact that the immigrant will not become a public charge of the state. The immigrant relative will then need to apply for an immigrant visa at Canadian foreign consulate and appear for a visa interview. The applicant’s application is examined along with proper documents and biometric samples. After the applicant gets the immigration visa, he/she is allowed t o apply for an entry to Canada and file for permanent residency.

Through a proper sponsorship, you can enter Canada and be with your loved ones. However, you should apply properly for it. Check out this immigration lawyer article for more info!